Audio Plays too Fast during Preview

Mar 02, 2018

When I preview my slides using the Preview option in the Tool Bar, not the one on the timeline, the audio track plays too quickly.  

When I play it on the Timeline, then it plays normally.  So I know the file was recorded at the correct speed. 

The problem is that I need to see how a motion path lines up with the audio.  I can't see that when I play it in the timeline and the audio plays so fast in the Preview, that it doesn't match up with anything.  

Is this happening to anyone else?  I've been using Storyline for years and have never experienced this before.



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Melanie Chin

Sorry for the late reply.  IT wanted to make sure that the issue isn't being caused my sound card.  

I'm uploading the slide where it is the most noticeable. This slide has a lot of layers, but it's very noticeable on the Shopping Cart layer.  When you play from the timeline all of the animations are aligned with the audio.  When clicking Preview (This Slide), the audio finishes before the Click Here arrow and orange box slide in.

I have published this and after being published it is fine, so it's something with the Preview feature.  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Melanie,

Thanks for sharing that slide. I took a look and it previewed normally for me and it played normal uploaded to Review as well. I took a Peek of my Preview so that you could see and hear the playback (sorry for the less than awesome audio...recording my speakers with my built-in mic isn't the best method.) Can you let me know if you experience any audio issues viewing either of my linked courses above?

I wonder if you've tried saving the file, closing Storyline and reopening to preview? It may be that Storyline's resources are too taxed if you've been working in it for awhile and the playback isn't synced correctly during that. A few folks have mentioned similar performance issues with Storyline that our team is looking into, but one of the known cause of Storyline slow down is leaving the app open for long, extended periods of time. 

Storyline, just like us as individuals need an occasional shutdown and reboot. ;-) 

Melanie Chin

Thanks, Ashley.  The audio in your files is synced correctly.  I have tried shutting down Storyline and reopening the file and it doesn't help.  I also rebooted the whole machine and that doesn't help either.  :(

It does the same thing on all of my .story files in Preview mode, so it's not specific to this file.  It's just more noticeable in this one. 

I can say that this started happening after I updated to the latest software release.  

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Melanie,

If this is a new issue for you in one of the recent updates, it's also worth going through the repair steps here. That'll make sure it's a clean, updated install of Storyline. 

If you're still experiencing issues after that, I'd suggest working directly with our Support Engineers so that they could figure out what else may be different on your machine. 

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