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Apr 26, 2016


Recording device is not letting me change the mic?? 

it has defaulted back to the lap top mic and wont allow me to change

any ideas why ??



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CarLea Sanchez-Agato

Hi David,

First off, i would like to clarify if you are unable to record and insert an Audio in your project.

I can see that your screenshot shows several recording devices. Is your preferred mic in one of these listed devices? If so, please select the mic you prefer and test if you are able to record an audio in Storyline.  

If the above does not work or if your preferred mic is not in the list, kindly follow this link to help you enable your microphone in Windows. Please follow the instructions and test your mic so that you are sure it is properly working in Windows.  You may test your audio recording again after this.  Good luck!

David Gornalle


Yep my mic is on that list but I cant select it

I have been recording for a while and have not had any probs

I rechecked the mic I use is ok and tested the set up on audacity and its recording ok

But for some reason my Articultae storyline 2 is playing up today ??

Not working properly and this is one of the probs ,,, but it is an important one


David Gornalle


Christie Pollick

Hi, David -- Thanks for reaching out! First, I wanted to note in case you weren't aware, when you reply to a forum notification via email, the details in your signature are visible publicly here in the post. If you'd like to remove that info, please use the EDIT button beneath your post. 

And if you find that you are experiencing erratic behavior, you may want to run through these troubleshooting steps to see if you find improvement. 

Finally, I also wanted to pass along the following recommendations for recording audio in case you find any of the information helpful:

Please let us know if you still need more help or if you are all set! :)

David Gornalle

Hi Christie ,

 Thanks for the heads up re - the replying directly to email ,,, 

additional test found that when I do a screen recording , it is picking up the mic I usually use

but not when I just want to record onto a slide ??? // ( as I have done before many many times)

and the drop down for mic selection is not allowing me to choose the preferred mic ,, just the lap top mic???

Solution found ---  I re-docked the  lap top and all come good ???? bit weird - that everything else was recognising that mic ---   oh well all good now .....   thanks for the response and audio links



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