Audio problem when duplicating slides

When I duplicate (or copy and paste) slides to "recycle", the audio sometimes won't duplicate along with other elements in timeline. Sometimes, only the file names of the audio show up on the left side in timeline but it is actually "empty" and audio does not play. Also, if I double-click on the "empty audio", Articulate crashes. Has anyone ever encountered this problem before? This is not happening on any particular files/documents, but it happens all the time.

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Aiko Masazumi

Thank you for your advice, Sheena and Alyssa! I use Storyline 2 and I work from DropBox. My audio is mostly voiceover files and I don't necessarily save them every time I generate audio files from the voiceover software. So when this problem happens, I have to first check in the timeline window to see which audio files failed duplicating, then copy and paste each audio file from the original document. I will try working from the local drive and see if that makes a difference. Thanks again!