Audio problems with HTML5 since latest Chrome updates on Android


I am currently evaluating Storyline 2 to replace our current e-learning software and for this I've created a test story.

This one contains slides playing mp4 movies and slides with multiple choices containing audio voiceovers.

Everything went well until some recent chrome update on android.

The story goes like this: 

- Slide with MP4 movie jumping to next slide when media (or timeline) ends.

- Multiple choice slide (introduction audio) with answers on layers containing a jump to next slide button.

- Slide with MP4 movie jumping to next slide when media (or timeline) ends.

- Multiple choice slide (introduction audio) with answers on layers containing a jump to next slide button.

(repeating this for around 10 times).


Everything was running ok almost everywhere until some quite recent chrome update on android.

Now the audio on the multiple choices slides is only played for the first MC slide. The following multiple choices slides aren't playing audio anymore. But the inbetween movies slide still plays correctly.


After a lot of head scratching I've uninstalled chrome updates on my android test device (galaxy s5) and everything plays normally...

For debugging purposes I've added Jump to next slide buttons on the movies slides and noticed that if i don't let the movie play fully and the timeline end, the audio works in the MC choices...

Seems that something in the latest chrome update broke something :/

Any ideas or suggestions ?

Thanks a lot!



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Marc Assaim

Hi people,

Looking around about the progress on this issue at chrome side, it looks like some folks found a quite "clean" workaround to resolve the issue while waiting for a maybe-will-never-come fix from chrome devs:

(check the accepted answer)

I guess it could be integrated in storyline html5/js output ?

I would test it but as sl2 javascript output is ofuscated, it's very hard to manually try it modifying the js code...



Evelyn Hamm

Hi Ashley,

again almost 15 days are gone.

The audio problem now is discussed in this thread for over 5 months. Articulate has to react now. If there is no solution in sight the android support is no longer sustainable. Articulate should inform official about the current problems on the website.

What is Articulate going to do now? The least is to inform your customers now about the planning.



Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Evelyn,

It is still with our team and we're continuing to press Google for updates as well but currently I don't have any further information in regards to a fix on our end. I do know another user mentioned using the workaround here, although it's a bit of a hack. 

I am going to escalate your comments here to our team so that they have some additional intel on the impact this is having and your thoughts in regards to our Android support. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Evelyn,

Just an update - we did talk with our team recently about this and they confirmed that the bug within Chrome has been assigned to someone at Google - that's a good sign! If you watch that bug we've linked to you'll see their comments as well and we'll continue to keep an eye on it. 

Javacript is entirely out of my wheelhouse and not something I'm able to offer support for - did you look at commenting in that post to see if there is someone to assist you? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Christine,

Is the audio not playing on both the iPad and Android? Which version/browsers are you using on each?  You'll want to ensure you're using it within the supported environments as detailed in that article. As for Chrome on the Android, there is a known issue on Chrome's side right now and per their documented bug here it looks like it'll be fixed in the next update. 

Sarprit Kaur


I am facing issues with audio while playing SL2 files on mobile. A few days back all the SL2 (HTML5) files were playing well on Chrome using mobile but now the audios are not playing. This issue is not there on desktop view. We tried using other browsers as well and faced the same issue. Any suggestions?


Sarprit Kaur