Audio Quality in Storyline

Oct 28, 2018

Hello Articulate Community:)

I have been having some difficulties with audio in Storyline. 

The quality of the audio diminishes considerably when you export it to an mp3 or wav file. The quality diminishes to the point where you cannot use the exported file at all. Has anyone else experienced this? Or has anyone been able to overcome this?

Thank you!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Zanel,

Is the audio something you recorded in Storyline? If you'd previously inserted it into Storyline, do you still have the original media file to use elsewhere? 

Another option is I know folks have looked into the published output folder to pull out copies of media - that would allow you to access the media with the quality settings you had set in Storyline. The files are named with a unique string of characters, so there isn't an easy way to spot them, you'll need to open each audio file to identify it. 

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