audio quality is both good and bad??

I'm brand new to Storyline, making swift progress though, and (of course) under a deadline. I'm using a good quality Logitech USB microphone/headset. When I record the screen and sound at the same time, the audio quality is excellent. When I record audio on its own (through Storyline, to be clear), it sounds like I'm in a tunnel. Why the difference? I like to record my audio separately, then hook it up to the visuals. I'm too clumsy to talk and work at the same time  

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Christine Hendrickson

Welcome to the community, Kirsten!

That does sound odd. Have you tried recording some type of audio outside of Storyline with your headset? 

You should also be able to test and adjust your microphone sensitivity and quality through your machine as well, perhaps that will improve your quality. This really depends on your microphone and system, though, as well as the options available for it.

If the same thing happens outside of Storyline, it might be worth looking into updating your headset drivers. These are usually available on the manufacturer's website. 

If all else fails, it may help to try testing a second headset or microphone, if you have access to one.

Thanks and welcome again, Kirsten!