Audio randomly cuts out in html5/ipad

I'm trying to figure out why the audio randomly quits when viewing in mSafari.  Throughout the course i have various slides with multiple layers and audio on those layers, as well as base layer.  The slide layers are triggered by user interaction.  I'm not pausing or preventing anything w/ the base layer as the base layer is generally at the end of its timeline before the user triggers an action for the slide layers.

But, what's odd is that the audio will cut out on a slide w/ no layers or randomly.  For the slide layers w/ audio I put a short 3 sec track of me bumping the mic, just so there was actual audio on the layer.  I was thinking the layers w/ no audio might be causing the problem, but the same result is happening.

I haven't been able to figure a rhyme or reason to the audio cutting out.

Any thoughts??


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