Audio sounds for Markers

Aug 26, 2014

Hi there. Im including audio voiceover in a Storyline tutorial. Im using markers and would like to do voiceover for these. Does anybody know how I can set something up so once the user clicks on the marker, the sound associated with that marker is the ONLY sound playing and not the sound that is associated with the slide itself? I would also like to set something up so the sound associated with a marker stops playing once the user clicks out of the marker.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Narissa and welcome to Heroes!

Have you seen the tutorial here on how to add a marker and apply a sound file to it?

In regards to your slide audio, you could use a trigger for that. Select the object which learners click (such as the marker). Then insert a trigger to "Stop Media." For the media, choose the sound file that is your slide's background audio. For When, choose "User clicks."

So, the trigger would end up looking something like this:

You may also want to review this thread, where there is a lot of discussion about markers with audio and slide audio.

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