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Nov 05, 2013

I have created a short course that consists of two 20-minute videos followed by a quiz. The introductory slide has three buttons: View the First Video, View the Second Video, and Take the Assessment. The first two buttons each link to the slides containing the respective videos, which are set to play automatically when the slides start.

When I tested it locally, it worked fine, but a remote tester has reported that the audio for the first video started playing while she was still reading the introductory slide, before she had clicked on the "View the first video" button. I checked, launching the course from our LMS, and experienced the same issue in Chrome, although not in Firefox.

Does anyone have any idea why this audio would start playing automatically, and what I can do to make it behave?

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Julie Miles

I think my issue might not be the same as the one you've indicated, as there are several differences:

  • I"m not using a launcher page
  • The audio doesn't being automatically when the course starts
  • The user has to click a button to advance to the slide containing the first video

However, I'm more than happy to upload my .story file for you to take a look at - I will do that right now.


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