audio stats after all triggers have been visited

I have 9 audio bits that play when the useer clicks the. I set a trigger to play a final audio sequence when all the other audio bits' states are "Visited." However, the final bit plays simultaneously with the last clicked audio. How do I set things so the final audio plays AFTER the other audio bits have all played?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Rick,

Without seeing your setup it's hard to say, but it sounds like you're using Visited states? If so, I think what's happening is that SL considers that next-to-last audio (Audio 8) to be visited once it's clicked. Therefore, it begins playing the last audio piece, (Audio 9) as it "understands" your directions: as soon as Audio 8 is visited (Computers can be SO literal...sigh ).

If the audio pieces must be played sequentially, you could perhaps set up a trigger to launch Audio 9 when media completes on Audio 8.

Or, if Learners can access the audio in any order, you might try setting up some combination of T/F or numeric variables. Probably would be easier if you could explain more or upload your slide.

Rick Sell

Thank you for getting back Rebecca. I cannot load the slide as the content in proprietary. However, here is a better explanation. The user can click eight images in any order and hear a sentence or two of explanitory audio. Once all of the eight images have been clicked, I want a summary audio bit to play. How can I do that?

Michael Hinze

Here is the source file. The five buttons are on the baselayer, which when clicked call layers with audio clips. On each layer, there is also a trigger that shows a final layer once all five buttons have been clicked. There are lots of possible variations on that theme, but it may give you some ideas on how to set up your interaction.

Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hey guys,

Michael, you beat me to it. Had seen Rick's reply to me, but not your response.

Thought I might as well upload mine, anyway. Had some fun playing around with Microsoft clip art an audio wavs

Rick, I probably did the same as Michael, but quickly:

Each of the instruments has a visited state and an associated layer.

I added a little checkmark on the visited state of each instrument so you can see it's been visited. If I were doing it for the Learner, I might make it a little more noticeable.

I added a T/F variable, called it orchestra, default is false.

I inserted a reference to the variable on the base layer so you could see it change.

Main Menu Layer

Click an instrument to bring up its associated layer

Trigger: Adjust orchestra variable to True when the state of ALL instruments = visited

Piano, Guitar, and Violin Layers

"Other" instruments are hidden

Trigger: Show layer Orchestra when the timeline ends if variable Orchestra = True

Trigger: Hide this layer then the media completes (so, Learners are automatically returned to the Main Menu Layer)

Orchestra Layer

Shows automatically when orchestra variable = true and timeline for "last" instrument layer (any order) ends

Please shout out with any questions...gotta' get up pretty early in the mornin' to beat Michael