Audio Stopping Midway Through Scene

We are using Articulate Storyline 2.0.

We are developing two different courses, but having the same issue with both.

About halfway through some of the slides/scenes, the audio stops.  The rest of the scene works fine, but no sound.  The next scene starts with sound but may or may not drop the audio part way through the scene/slide. 

However, the affected slide is not consistent across launches.  When you relaunch the course (or another tester does) it presents the same experience, but the scene/slide that experiences the dropping audio may change. 

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Michael,

Thank you for reaching out! 

That is indeed strange! A few questions for you as we look into the best next steps: 

  • Where is the course being reviewed? Is it viewed locally or on an LMS? 
  • Does the audio issue happen across different web browsers? 
  • Does this issue happen when previewing the course in Storyline? 

Keep us posted and let us know if you have any questions!