Audio Stutter on Auto Playback in Marker

Mar 29, 2016

I'm having an issue where the first 1/2 second of audio stutters when a user hovers over a marker containing audio. I've had to go back and edit the audio and add 1/2 second of silence to prevent it from being obvious but that isn't an ideal solution since some markers contain very little words and users move off before the stutter (which is now 1/2 second of silence) finishes and the desired audio plays. Anyone experience this and have any suggestions without building sound layers (it isn't annoying enough to go through that redesign). :)

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Tim -- Thanks for your question, and may I ask if you are finding the same behavior when you test your course in the intended environment after publish?

You may also want to take a look at this information for some troubleshooting steps to consider, and if issues persist, you are welcome to share your file and we'll gladly take a closer look. :)

Tim Kingsford

Thanks Christie…I’ve used that troubleshooting guide many times over the last few years and took all of those steps prior to posting the question. This is the first time I've used audio on markers in SL2 (in past had problems with audio playback in markers in SL1 and had to build triggers rather than use the built in function per your technical support team). This is a brand new .story file started in SL2 with all content created in SL2 (not imported) or pasted using the Insert function. I've placed the markers with audio into scroll areas on top of an image that I've placed into the scroll area. There are words in the marker title and marker text. I've configured the markers to display all on hover and audio was recorded directly into SL2 via mic. Unfortunately the file contains confidential information that I am not at liberty to share however, if required, I could delete the bulk of the info and leave examples that may remain after I've done so. 

Here is what I’ve already determined:

1) Audio on non-marker screen elements does not stutter
2) It stutters on start of play back on all markers regardless of slide
3) It stutters in both preview and after I’ve published and moved the output files to the hosting environment (this file I'm testing still and hosting the story.html and all subcomponents in our SharePoint environment. Once fully functional I'll move the final output to our LMS).

Crystal Horn

Keep us posted, Tim, on how the copy/paste works out for you, or if you need more help.  I wasn't able to duplicate this behavior in my own Storyline 2 test file.  I used standard markers with a title, text, and recorded audio, set to show all on hover.  The audio played as soon as I hovered over my marker.

For what it's worth, for testing, SCORM Cloud has always been a great resource for me to see how the LMS environment handles my Storyline content.

Victoria Aleman

I'm having a similar audio stutter issue with Storyline 1 on a slide layer.  The learner mouses over a rectangle with a trigger to show the layer.  When the layer shows, the audio plays, but stutters on the first word (H1020 H1020...), then continues. 

This occurs in preview mode as well as in published mode with the course posted to an online tool for reviewing the course.  We don't post to our LMS until everything is working.

I'm planning to rebuild the slide and re-insert it into the project to replace the existing one with the possible corrupted layer.  Any other suggestions or recommendations or solutions are much appreciated. 


Victoria Aleman

Hi Ashley,

I opened a blank Storyline file and rebuilt the slide.  Once rebuilt, I imported it into the original file and deleted the original slide with the audio stutter.  This essentially fixed the problem.  However, now, there's a bit of an echo in the new audio file.

Regarding the supported browser:  our home grown LMS works best with IE8 and I believe I've heard that there are issues when courses are run in other browsers (Chrome, Firefox). 

The SL1 update version shows:  10: 1509.1408

BTW - the "Storyline 1 Update 10" link takes me to the "free download" page.  I didn't find any reference to the most current update.

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