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Hi! I have created a slide that has audio and links to 3 different scenes (finish one scene, return to this page and select the next etc). It is narrated, and if the user clicks to go to scene 1 (example) before the audio ends, when they return, the audio starts where it left off when the user leaves (which is no longer relevant). 

How do I make sure that when the user returns to the page, the audio doesn't play?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Susan!

It sounds like the slide's revisiting settings might be set to "Automatically Decide" or "Resume Saved State", so the audio is starting exactly where it left off when the user returns to the slide. 

How are you calling the audio on the slide for the project? Are you triggering it? If the learner doesn't need to hear the audio for the scenes, perhaps you could apply a True/False variable that adjusts when the user goes to visit a specific section. Set the slide to reset and have that audio play only on the condition that the variable hasn't been adjusted. 

I'm not sure if you're having them click on a button for the audio, if there's separate audio for each section, or if it's just audio for the entire slide. If it's audio for the entire slide, that'll probably be pretty quick to set up. You mentioned narration, but again, I'm not sure if that means you have narration for the different sections or not. 

Can you share a little more detail on this, or better yet, can you share the .STORY file?


Susan Holden


Thanks Christine!!

I’m sure that variables would help me – but I’m a little afraidof them, and haven’t tried to use them as yet. It’s pretty basic for me so far(I haven’t had Storyline for long – so still a relative newbie.)

I’ve attached the file. The slide I’m referring to is 1.5. Theaudio starts automatically, but if the user clicks the first button (forinstance), before the narration finishes, when they return to 1.5 to select thenext ‘scene’, the audio is still going. I want it to not play audio when theuser returns (twice) to that slide. Just not sure how to do that!


Christine Hendrickson

Hi there Susan,

Yes - 68MB is far too large to attach to a form thread ;)

If you'd like, you can try importing a few slides (the main slide you'd like to modify and maybe the first slide for the different scenes) into a new .STORY file and share that here. If you're not quite sure how to do this, take a look at this tutorial.

Or, if you'd like, you're welcome to share the file in a support case here. That system should be able to handle the larger file size. If you do decide to submit the file through that form, please be sure to share the case number you receive in the email confirmation so I can take a look.

Thanks Susan!