Audio that was tweaked using Articulate's built in audio editor vanishes after upgrading to SL2

All, I just created a compilation of slides from multiple decks and upgraded them to SL2 at the same time.  What I am finding is that in screens where I used any of Articulate's features to tweak audio - most often for me this is just getting rid of dead air - the audio is simply gone.  The integrity of the rest of the slide is intact. So far, I am able to go back to the old version / the storyboard and find the file name and reinsert, but for those of you who have not upgraded yet, please keep an eye out.  

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Stacy Land

It has been consistent across every module that I have touched - 6 modules, a total of about 40, 50 scenes - so it's definitely a "thing."  But only on the ones I tweaked using Articulate.Maybe related...I am having to re-import all images that were isolated on white; a gray line has appeared, again, consistently, on the left side of the person.  Really odd and repeatable.  I can't crop it out because it only shows when rendered.