Audio timeline bars in articulate storyline

Jul 09, 2012

Hello there,

I am working on a storyline project for children and in it we want to have musical melodies as apart of the experience for the children.

My question is there a way to create a audio timeline, like the video timeline, so the children can scrub forward or backwards in the audio?

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Ben Leong

Hi Jeanette,

Thank for the quick response, I have a attached a image below.  As you can see I have a audio file on the bottom left with a play and pause buttons for its interactivity.

But, what I would prefer is that I would click a button and it would open the audio file and the seekbar would be inside the project and not on the outside in the player.

Cal Osborne

Hi Guys,

I have 60 audio files to convert, and I love this solution, however FormatFactory does not allow you to convert an MP3 file to an MP4.

MP3 files are not a valid file format for input when converting to video.

I know I can do this manually by importing and exporting in Adobe Premier, but I'm really hoping there is a quicker way. Any suggestions?


I feel so silly, but I'll leave this here in case anyone else wants the fix. 

Just change the file extension from .mp3 to .mp4 - it works.




Cal Osborne

Actually - it didn't work :(

Changing the file extension was OK for

Windows. It'll play as a video in Windows Media Player. In PowerPoint it will do a conversion on import and then play with the timeline bar, but Storyline is way too clever, and just tells me its not a valid Video file. (It won't be tricked )

I tried putting it into Powerpoint, then importing it into Storyline, but Storyline is too clever for that too.

So, does anyone have a quick way of converting 60 audio files from MP3 to MP4 without placing each one into Premier (or something similar) and then exporting them again?

Carlo Daniels

So yes does anyone one know of any way to best convert .mp3 files to .mp4? I have iMovie, GarageBand, FreeMake Video Converter, and Any Video Converter programs and none of them seem to work. I am also wanting to have controls and a slide bar on my audio files in my course and knowing how best to convert these audio files would be really awesome blossom if anyone can help?!!!!

Jodi Baker

I'm also looking for an option to add audio controls that are associated with an audio clip rather than the player. Mike's solution illustrated in the Ben.story file is perfect, but I can't get it to work. I run into the same problem as Cal. Storyline 2 seems to reject .mp3 files that have been converted to .mp4s. Has anyone found a solution?

Christie Pollick

Hi, Jodi -- Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear you are having difficulties! As this thread is somewhat older, you are welcome to contact participants directly using the 'Contact Me' link provided on their individual profile pages. You would also be welcome to share your files if you'd like us to take a closer look for you. 

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