Audio Track is Duplicating Sections

I'm having a problem where my audio track seems to be duplicating portions of itself.  Example:  If the audio track is "He went to work today", when I open Edit Captions, the audio track now sounds like "He went went went went to work today today today today".  

I'm using Articulate 3, the audio files are .mp3, and this is happening after I've added closed captioning and I go back in (new session) to make an edit. 

It isn't happening with every file or every time I go in, but this is my first use of Articulate so I can't say for sure how pervasive the problem is.

Any help with what's going on and, more importantly, if it can be fixed, could be greatly appreciated.



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Jay Cooper

The first time I had this problem I preview the scene without closing out the files and the error could be heard during the preview.  This time, I noticed the problem at the end of the day yesterday.  I just re-opened the file and previewed the scene and the error doesn't seem to be there now.