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Dennis Hall

Hi Chris:

You cannot have audio span multiple slides.

You can edit the audio to fade in and fade out using the audio editor and some patients.

If you use an external audio editor you will have best results for the fade in and out. The one in Storyline pretty much only deals with volume levels.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Sarah Pouezevara

There is an earlier thread where all users agree that there is no way, within Articulate, to edit audio so that it fades in or out on a slide.  I also wondered what the Volume button was for in the audio editor, if not for fading in and out. However, every time I have tried to use it, nothing happens. The audio always stays at the same volume. Therefore unless something has changed (Maybe in Storyline 2?) it seems that you have to edit audio outside of the program to have any fading or transitions.