Audio Triggers not working

Jun 05, 2014

I have a project where on the main menu there is 4 buttons. They are set to an initial state of disabled, except the first one. Clicking on each button takes you through several slides, the last one adjusts a variable for that section to true. 

When you return to the main menu, the next disabled button changes to normal, based on the adjusted variable from the previous section being complete. Each button has it's own audio, detailing what the student will learn when they click on it. 

All of the audio is working fine except when they come back a third time! It plays both the audio from the 2nd and 3rd button together! I have tried many different triggers but can't get anything to work!


Play audio 2 when the timeline starts if the state of button 2 is not equal to disabled, AND button 3 is equal to disabled

Play audio 3 when the timeline starts if the state of button 3 is not equal to disabled, AND button 4 is equal to disabled

I have also tried it with the condition of the variables that also trigger the buttons to change from disabled to normal.

It's working for the other buttons, not sure why it doesn't on this one! I have tried moving the order of triggers on the slide a bit. Does the order of conditions matter?

Is this just an oddity or am I doing something wrong here?


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Darcy,

The order of triggers is definitely a factor you'll want to consider, and the order in which they'll be executed is described here. 

It may help if we're able to take a look at your .story file to see how the triggers are set up, as if it's only happening with the third visit, and then replaying the 2nd and 3rd audio, it's likely something with the order there. 

Darcy Goedecke

I meant the order of conditions. Those don't have the arrows to move them around, so I assume their order doesn't matter???

I spent all day trying to fix this trigger so I decided to try and change it to text bubbles instead of audio, kept the exact same triggers, and it worked! I definitely liked having the audio better though. Not sure why I keep having all of these erratic issues!!! It's wasting a lot of time

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Darcy,

Ah, sorry for the confusion - if you have the file with the audio included still (or could mock one up) I'm happy to take a look and see where it may have been getting caught up. There's a good description here on how to prevent audio from playing again - and again, it's all about variables and triggers. I'd also double check your slide properties settings - and I generally choose either reset to initial state or resume saved state - instead of automatically decided. More so that I know exactly what is expected instead of what I think Storyline will think to do.

Darcy Goedecke

I would have thought that reset initial state would make my buttons turn back to disabled, but it's not! I am wondering now if it was repeating the audio because I wasn't letting it complete before I clicked the button, so when I resumed save state, it played it again along with the next audio... So happy to have this solution. Thanks again! 

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