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Jul 11, 2013

I have a base layer that contains audio and I also have a trigger set to play additional audio when user clicks an object(books). Problem is they both play at the same time and no, unfortunately, I didn't use layers for the new audio that plays when the user clicks on the object. Is there a way to set a variable that states "when user clicks the object - which plays new audio- the existing audio already playing pauses and then picks back up when the new audio stops playing?

I have included the file as an attachment

Thanks in advance. 

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Mike Taylor

Hi Samuel! One way to do this is by adding a few triggers. I've attached my copy of your .story file

1. Pause  the initial audio when the object is clicked

Action: Pause Media

Media: Sound 1

When: User Clicks

Object: Group 1

2. Play the 2nd audio when the object (Group 1)  is clicked (you already have this one)

3. Use "Play Media" again to resume the initial audio when the 2nd audio ends

Action: Play Media

Media: Sound 1

When: Media Completes

Object: coming soon audio 1

4. l also added a slide trigger to start the initial audio (Sound 1) when the timeline of this slide starts.

Is that what you were thinking?

Phil Mayor

Bruce Graham said:

Not that I know of.

Best to use layers and pause, or redesign so that the 2nd cannot be listened to until 1st completed.


I think it is much better to put these on layers, it is so easy and removes headaches in the future if you need to change the slide as there is no easy way to switch out audio and keep the triggers.

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