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Oct 08, 2012


I am building a course where users can watch a series of short videos. 

I have added a "replay" button to each video and added a trigger to play the video when the user clicks on

the button, however, audio elements that start at the beginning of the timeline will not "replay."

I tried adding an audio trigger to the button as well but this cancels the audio playing upon the initial

visit to the video. 

Any thoughts on how I can get around this? I do not see a trigger for restarting the timeline for a scene.

I just need the audio and video to be able to be "replayed" at the same time if the user wants to watch the video more than once without having to navigate back and then forward to the video again.



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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Renee.

I used a "Jump to slide" trigger with the Slide set to the current slide number.  I also noticed that it was important to set the Slide Properties to "Reset to initial state" When revisiting.  Please take a look at the .story file here and the published output here to see if this is what you were going for.

Please let us know if you need anything else.  Thanks!

Renee Haran

So, I think that method would work great if the video wasn't on a layer. 

The video is on a layer that is set to play when the timeline for that layer is launched. I merely want the video to start over if the user clicks the restart button I have provided them with. I need the user to be able  to stay on the same layer until they exit. 

Also, all of my layers have the "Reset to initial state" setting clicked on.

Still stumped. 

Justin Grenier

That sure sounds simple, Renee, but I had to ask Mike Enders for help on this one!

Mike's input:  Set the video to play automatically, and add a trigger to play audio at layer timeline start.  Then, add two triggers to the replay button:  play media movie & play media sound.

This seems to work once the video and audio have finished up, but let us know what you find.  Thanks!

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