Audio volume treated differently between slide audio and videos

Hi there

I've got big discrepancies in how Storyline is handling audio volume from video files compared with slide-embedded audio.

I'm recording all my audio in the same way - some files are going into After Effects, (with no processing added in AE), and others are going straight into Storyline as wavs.

The slide-embedded audio is much quieter than the video audio.

'Optimize audio volume' doesn't make any difference.

Can anyone suggest why this is happening and a quick way to equalise the volume between audio and video content where the amplitude of the recordings is the same?

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Jerry Beaucaire

Someone else may have a better answer, but whenever i run into this effect (It's rare for me), I just export the audio and drop it into SL as its own item.   Be sure to put a hotspot over the video so they don't click on the video to pause it, as the audio would continue.  ;)

Lauren Connelly

Hi Luke, and thanks for stepping in Jerry!

.wav is a supported format, so there must be something happening in another area. Are you able to import all of the audio in the same way? 

Also, are you noticing the audio not playing in Preview or after publishing? 

Would you mind sharing your file with us so we can dig deeper into what's causing the audio to be treated differently between slides? You can do so by using the "add attachment" button in this discussion. Or you can share the file privately with our Support Engineers by using this link.