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Wendy Farmer

If you're happy to share publically here on the forum just upload the .story file using the grey 'add attachment' button at the bottom of the post or you can click on my profile and contact me via email and send that way.

I'm not Articulate staff so if you need to share it privately with them you'd need to log a support case

Wendy Farmer

Hi Lynn

the file you sent has the slides revisit option set to 'automatically decide'.

I played the Introduction slide for a few seconds then clicked 1 to go to roles and responsibilities and the audio played then I clicked the previous button to return to Intro slide and it started the audio again. The audio on the Roles and Responsibilities slide didn't restart so I changed the revisit to 'reset to initial state' and it works.  I think it's confusing to have the back button and the previous button but that's just me.  Also there are two intro slides one with audio and one without.

See Peek Video