Audio will not pick up from paused position Articulate Storyline 2

Hi there,

Ever since upgrading to Storyline 2 I have run into some problems with audio.

Basically when ever I pause the audio and the play it again, the audio restarts and does not pick up from the paused position, this only occurs when using HTML5, when using flash it is fine.

How my file is set up.

  • The user clicks the play button - which hides the play button, shows the pause button, and plays the audio
  • The user clicks the pause button - which hides the pause button, shows the play button, and pauses the audio
  • When the user clicks the plays button the 2nd time it should then play the audio from the position it was paused above (which it does within articulate and when using flash), but when in HTML5 it simply restarts it.
  • There is also a restart button, which stops the audio and then plays


See attached for my file.

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Aspire Europe

Hi there Alyssa,

I can confirm it behaves how it should on that link. Thanks for that.

Would you be able to let me know if at this link - - the audio pauses and then plays from the paused position (it does for me).

Is there a reason why when veiwing the story_html5.html file in a browser off my local machine that it would not work?

Alyssa Gomez

Just tested your link, Tom, and the audio pauses and plays perfectly for me! 

Viewing a published output on your local machine is known to cause problems due to security restrictions from the computer, so we always recommend hosting the zipped file wherever the end users will view it--either in a web server or LMS. 

I hope that helps!