Audio will start on the first slide

I have inserted audio on the my first slide. When published, the audio will not play automatically on the first slide. If you click on the pause then play button, the audio will play.  I have inserted the audio into the timeline as well as created a trigger for the audio.  Neither options works when the slide it published.  I am using Storyline 3 and it has been updated with latest release.  The content is being viewed in Chrome.

Can you assist me in resolving this issue?

Thank you in advance for the prompt attention given this request.



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Alyssa Gomez

Thanks for linking that thread here, Walt!

I wanted to point out Justin's update in that thread:

Since the original release of Chrome 66 effectively broke a lot of web content, (such as e-learning courses with audio introductions), Google responded to the cries for help and rolled back their audio policy in an update to Chrome 66 on May 15, 2018.  We recommend updating Chrome to the latest version, which allows audio to autoplay as expected.

To be sure, can you check that you're using the latest version of Chrome and Storyline 360?