Audio Working in Audio Editor but Not in Preview

Oct 06, 2017

I am trying to add background music to my intro slide and it will not play in preview mode. I have a video on the slide as well that plays just fine. When I open the audio in the audio editor it will play, but once it is in preview mode it won't. I have tried adding a trigger to make the audio play, deleting it and uploading again, and hiding it and unhiding it but nothing seems to work. What could be the issue?

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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Paige and Pamela!

Sorry to hear that you've run into an issue with this.

Our team has been testing this and it seems to be related to Flash 27 update.

We are still testing and working on some documentation, but this workaround has helped many of our users:

  • disable the speakers (previous default device) via Volume > Playback Devices. This forces SL to only use the active, default and current playback device.

Hope it works for you as well and I will flag this thread so that we can update you when we have the documentation ready.

Pamela Gutman

That workaround didn't work for me, but this one that I got from Articulate Support did:

The latest Flash Player update introduces a new audio output tab in Flash Player settings. To fix the problem, open a page of Flash content in Internet Explorer, such as this Storyline example:

Note: Please ensure you use Internet Explorer when browsing via the URL/link above.

Then right-click the page and choose Settings. select the audio output tab and use the drop-down list to select your headphones. Close the Flash Player settings. Then, close and reopen Storyline and see if you can hear timeline audio through your headphones.


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi all, 

Thanks for your patience as we dug into this!

It appears that the latest Flash update 27 (although there is now a new version 27 in Beta) changed how the audio settings would work for Flash playback. The timeline preview in all versions of Storyline and Quizmaker is Flash based.

We've detailed out some steps here on how to fix this for Flash, and this is a behavior our team is still looking at fixing in Storyline/Quizmaker so that you won't run into it again!

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