Australian Storyline Users - Heads Up Maintenance Wednesday 4th September 2019

Sep 01, 2019

Hi Guys

Just a heads up for Aussie developers regarding scheduled maintenance Wed 4/9/19

During the maintenance window, these websites and services won't work:
• E-Learning Heroes (
• Account Management (
• All Rise 360 services, including shared links for viewing courses
• All Review 360 services, including shared links for viewing projects
• Content Library 360
• Articulate 360 Training
• Storyline 360 Team Slides

These sites and apps will continue to work during the maintenance window:
• Articulate Online
• Storyline
• Studio
• Replay
• Peek

If you want to use Storyline 360, Studio 360, Replay 360, or Peek 360 during the maintenance window, make sure you're signed in to the Articulate 360 desktop app *before* 10 pm ET on September 3, 2019 (NOON September 4 Aus time). You'll be able to create, edit, and publish projects on your local computer. You just won't be able to upload them to Review 360 during the maintenance window.

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