Auto Advance can't turn off

I'm a newer Storyline User. I'm in the early stages of building a DRAG and DROP section where a single DRAG item with 7 DROP option targets have two layers for feedback (Correct & Try Again). If correct, I'd like user to see the Correct Slide with additional information and then be able to advance to the next slide for the next question. If incorrect, I want the user to return to this slide to try again. I don't need score totals as we're using these interactions as the training itself. Everything seemed to work well until I began building my the next slide. My presentation seems to completely skip the slide I just build.

For ease, I've left in just 3 slides in the attachment. FIRST SLIDE (totally blank). SKIPPED SLIDE (the one I want to have seen). NEXT SLIDE (the one I'd like users to see after they've completed the CORRECT LAYER on the SKIPPED SLIDE. Whenever I preview I go straight from FIRST SLIDE to NEXT SLIDE and can never see SKIPPED SLIDE.

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David Schwartz

Hi Patrick,

I am thinking there is some sort of bug in Storyline regarding the freeform drag and drops. 

Another user this morning had the same issue:, and it seems like some freeform drag and drop slides are automatically triggered to jump to the next slide.

I was able to correct it by creating a new slide, moving all of the objects, layers and triggers from your non-working slide into the new one, and converting it to freeform, but I hope Articulate staff will take notice. In the meantime, you might want to submit this as a support case: