Auto advance slide breaks audio and video

I have a project I built in Articulate 360 (v3.16) in which the first slide automatically advances when the timeline completes. The second slide has both audio (voice over) and a video, both of which should play automatically. It works fine in preview, but when published, neither the video nor audio will play automatically. 


With some testing, we think the issue has to do with the fact that the window has not yet been activated by being clicked. If you click anywhere before the slide advances, the second slide will play properly. 


Here's something even stranger: I always put hotspots over my videos to prevent users from accidentally clicking them and pausing. However, on the broken second slide, you can actually click the video to start it. If you activate the window prior to, the hotspot operates the way it should.


We have tested it both in Chrome and IE. It is published as SCORM 2004, 4th ed. Here is a mock-up that demonstrates the issue.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Rena!

Google changed the way videos are handled in Chrome. Because of that, videos might not autoplay in Chrome 66 and later.

Chrome is looking for some type of user interaction (like a click) to allow videos to automatically play.

To get around this, you'll want to add an object to the first slide, like a button, for users to click to begin the course. After the learner clicks that button, all videos on subsequent slides should play automatically.