Auto Advance Slides Issue

Dec 04, 2020

Hi, I have changed all of the settings but I still can't figure out why slides are auto advancing. I would like for the "next" button to work once learners have listened to the audio each slide or have completed work. So I thought selecting "timeline ends" would work but it's not. 

Sidenote: I did create the presentation in PowerPoint first. 

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Joseph Francis

Your top trigger tells it all. When the timeline ends on the slide, Storyline advances the learner to the next slide, automatically. When you import a PPT into Storyline, that is automatically set (not sure why; it would be nice to be able to determine that at import).

Since I don't see a Next Button / Swipe Next trigger, a quick way to get one back in there is to de-select the Next checkboxes under Slide navigation and gestures, and then re-select them. And delete the Jump to next slide When the timeline ends on this slide trigger.