Auto-advancing Challenge.

I have attached a short file.

In Question Option 1:
I have both the trigger for submitting the M/C interaction and the trigger for showing the Solution Layer. The Solution layer does pop up but it disappears very quickly. I have it set to advance by user, with the trigger set to jump to next slide when the user clicks the continue button. It seems to be auto-advancing.

In Question Option 2:
I have removed the trigger for submitting the M/C interaction completely, and it functions as I want it to. But, since the M/C is not being submitted, questions in this format cannot be scored.

Can you help? What have I missed that makes the solution layer auto-advance in Question Option 1.

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Wendy Farmer

Hi Kimberley

not sure why it is doing that but I have a workaround.

I changed the option Feedback : None to Feedback : By Question (this adds a correct and incorrect layer - which you don't need to use)

I then changed the order of the triggers so Submit it first to evaluate and then show the layer