Auto Clearing a Search/Text Entry box

I am looking for some assistance as to how I can auto clear a search/text entry box in my course. I created a search site within the course where the learner can search for a term (reaction to change) by typing the term into a text entry box and then clicking enter or the Go button on screen. It will then take them to a search results page where the learner will learn about the subject and click a button to take them back to the original page. This is all set up using layers. The issue I am having is that upon return to the main layer (search page) the text entry box retains the last searched term and I would like it to be blank. Is there a way this can be done?

I have attached screen shots of the search page as well as the landing page so one can see how they are returning to the search page.

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Craig Lutz

Thanks. I set up this variable again however upon return to the search screen the text entry box still contains the term previously searched. I have played around with the state of the slide from Auto Decided to Return to the Initial State and neither seems to work. Should this be a slide trigger or a text entry trigger?

Antony Snow

Hi Craig,

Can you try adding this trigger to the button the user clicks on to return to the search screen instead? As SL executes triggers from top to bottom, you will need to move this new trigger to above the trigger that jumps back to the search screen to ensure that the variable is adjusted first.

I have attached a very rough demo that does what you are trying to achieve - I hope it helps