Auto Formatting problems

Hi Everyone,

I have had this problem in both Storyline 1 and 2. It happens a lot in quiz questions. I will create the question slide, but when I publish the course and upload to my LMS, some of the questions reformat to a single line that goes off the page. I have to go back in and look at each individual slide and reformat the text box to the correct width. I just had to look through a quiz pool of almost 200 questions and reformat about 10 because the question was going off the screen (like the example below). Is this something that I am doing? Or, is there a way to stop this from happening? It is frustrating to both myself and the users when they take the exam and can't read the whole question. 


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Bill! This is not an issue that I'm familiar with. It sounds like you are identifying the issue in the published output, but can see an issue in your project file when you pop in to check on it? Are you copy/pasting the questions from somewhere or able to identify any similarities in the slides causing issue?

If you are able to replicate in a small file for me to take a look, you are welcome to share. If you cannot share here in the forums, please share here privately.