Auto hide slide bleedover in slide display window

Jan 27, 2021

Is it possible to configure my Storyline 3 settings to only display the visible slide content with no bleedover room? I'm thinking more of a photoshop setup. I only want the working view to display what the slide will look like when published. Basically, like a mask on the edges of the slide edges to only show the visible content when the slide is begin viewed. 

For example: I insert an image. I increase the size because I want it zoomed in. Now the picture is larger than the slide size. So when I put my text over it, I can't see the edges to see where the canvas ends. That means every time, I have to 1) preview the slide to see if my text is all on the slide 2)adjust the transparency so I can see edges of the slide while matching up my text position against the image (simply hiding the image wouldn't give me the position of the text against the image) 3) or Crop the image to fit the size of the slide each time.

It's takes only a few seconds to preview but if I'm overlaying text on video or images (especially on the edge of the display), it adds up since I do that on many of my slides. I build a lot of trainings for my company and would love a work around or setting to be adjusted to achieve this to save time. 

Or maybe even add a slide edge to the Guidelines View feature?

Note: I know about the Gridlines settings. They aren't exactly what I'm looking for and those little dots are honestly hard to see against a variety of different backgrounds.  Also, I had the idea to build a transparent rectangle with an outline that trims around the visible edge of the slide.  Or to add rectangles to border each side of the slide to cut off non visible areas. But those seem like overkill to do that and copy/paste on each slide I'm building (and a waste of time). 

Thanks everyone!

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