auto jump to new scene when relaunch the course

Hi friends,

I have a requirement that needs to be implemented in the course.

When we relaunch the course, we want to jump to the Next scene automatically.

either by using the player setting for prompt for resume, always resume and never resume or by using the javascript.

Actually, I want  to jump to the next assessment, once the learner completed the first one. when they relaunch the course they need to be jump on Next assessment automatically not on the first one.




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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vimal,

Storyline's built-in resume behavior will return the learner to where they left off, and they'll be able to proceed from there. 

If you need them to go to a different spot automatically, I'd suggest investigating what you can do with Javascript commands. Hopefully, there's someone in the community who have already set this up and can help!