"Auto Save" in Storyline?

Can anyone tell me how to adjust 'auto save' settings in Storyline or let me know if that is even possible?

I just had Storyline close very rudely and abruptly with no warning.  I lost a good hour's worth of work, and I am sincerely hoping I don't have to click 'Save' every minute or so to avoid this type of ugly situation again.


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Nancy Woinoski

Hassan is correct. There is no auto save. I click the save button at least once while working in each screen. This seems to do the trick. I may be in the minority but I do not want auto save.  I want to have control over when I save what I am working on especially when setting up complex interactions. Auto recovery would be nice in case of a crash but not auto save.

Philippe JEANTY

As my project is getting longer, I too wish for an Auto-save and Auto-recovery. I think the best way to implement is to auto save when the SL window is idle, then it does not interrupt the work flow. I also wish for incremental saves (user decided for the number) so that if a crash corrupts the file. a previous version can be retrieved.

I save and exit SL every 2 hours or so and do a backup on 3 external drives, including so incremental backups. but having this build in the program would be easier. Crashes are less frequents nowadays, but with many large applications running, it is not unheard of.

Just my 2 cents for a future release :)