Auto Save vs. Save As.... Auto save wins by Knockout

Mar 21, 2016

I'll try my best to explain my issue. (Bear with me)

I have a course version 3.0 I save it at 2pm

Over the ofternoon I make a number of changes... but decide those changes didn't work. I want to roll back to my 2pm version, so I save version 3.1. Then I open version 3.0.

When I open the 3.0 version, notice that all my changes that I made have actually been saved. (I think I was told that there was a crash save which I had no option but to open - but I hadn't crashed - only Saved As) .

Is there a way to get back to that 2pm version 3.0 of the Storyline file?

(Or does this not make any sense?)



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