Auto scrolling in the articulate storyline

Apr 29, 2015

Hi All,

Is it possible to auto scroll in the articulate storyline? My issue is that I want to content of scrolling panel should auto scroll with audio. can anybody help me please?

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Ravindra Gardi

Thank you so much Ashi, its really helpful. Also for scrolling panel we can design the manual scroll panel and move that scroll panel in opposite direction of text. So it will look like scroll panel.  I have attached the story file for reference.

Now Ashi, I have one more query, can we make our scrolling behave like scrolling panel. In short now I want manual scrolling for this scrolling as well.   so after completing auto scrolling user can to the top of the text using scroll manually. Is it possible? 

Ashi (Neha) Tandon

I am glad it helped Ravindra. The only thing I can think of is a 'Slider'. You can draw a manual scrolling panel exactly as a slider and once the manual scrolling finishes, make it invisible and the actual slider visible. Now, play with sliders a bit to scroll your content.

PFA story file for the reference. It's just a rough work and need lot of finishing but I guess will serve the purpose.

I hope someone can help you with less complicated way!

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