Auto Submit Quiz Question?

Nov 07, 2013

I need to create a speed round type of assessment where the learner answers a series of questions as fast as they can. Is there a way to have a quiz setup so when the user clicks on a response it auto submits the question and takes you to the next question? Also, how do you hide the submit button?



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Mike Enders

Hi David and welcome to Heroes!

What a fun question...

Here's a possible solution:

1. For each question, set question feedback to none.

2. Add a trigger to each element in the quiz to submit interaction when clicked/dragged on/etc.

3. In Story view, select your quiz slides and deselect the submit button

I've attached a sample...let me know if this is what you were thinking....


Jim Powell

On a related issue... is there a way to create a non-scoring quiz without using the overhead of Engage 13?  Engage slows down the process considerably in some cases (though of course it's worth the overhead in other cases).  For example, Engage/Quizmaker crashes most often when trying to deal with quizmaker objects -- it'd be easier in some cases to just have a quick hotspot quiz or something basis that would give immediate user-feedback without going through al lthe steps to work with Quizmaker.  I've never been a powerpoint user so I don't know if that's a feature they have.

Any ideas would be appreciated.  This is especially important for the user to be able to "see" this in the powerpoint slides. (i.e. if you go into slide-sorter with Quizmaker questions, you can't actually see the question, all you see is the quizzmaker object... so you can't tell from looking at the powerpoint slides, what the actual question is.  Sometimes I don't want a real scoring quiz -- just to give feedback to the user without jumping through a lot of hoops.  I hope this makes sense.

Mike Enders

Hi Jim,

When you say "important for the user to be able to see this in powerpoint slides" do you mean the developer, or the learner taking the course?

You are correct that you (as the developer) can't fully see the Quizmaker or Engage object in the PowerPoint deck when you're building a course in Studio '13.  You'll see a placeholder. But once published, the learner would see the question.

As for the Quizmaker crashing, would you be able to post what you're seeing over on the Quizmaker forum?  I'd love to capture your thoughts there and have our team help you out.

To cover my bases, if you're asking about Storyline (which this current thread is discussing), then you can certainly create a non-scoring quiz question in your presentation.  Actually, you can do the same in Quizmaker as well.  You could just add a single question into your deck and treat it as a simple knowledge check/gate keeper slide.

I hope this helps!


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