Auto Submit Quiz slide?

Sep 09, 2014

I'm trying to get my quizzes to work a certain way and I'm having some trouble. We're using a freeform "Pick one" slide to create psuedo multiple choice questions, where there are three circles on the screen and the user selects one. When they select it they hit submit and are shown a feedback layer, the standard setup for the quiz slide.

What we're trying to do is have the selection of the circle automatically submit the answer. So they only get one shot, they click on the circle, they get feedback saying if they're right, hit continue and move on. Basically we want to get rid of the extra click that comes with hitting submit. I've tried to add the "submit interaction" trigger to the circle shape itself, but what happens is you get the response that says you must pick an answer before submitting. So Storyline is clearly submitting the interaction trigger before setting the circle as the selected response. I've also tried adding a variable, setting the variable to change when the circle is selected, and then submitting the interaction when the variable changes, but again, you get the "you must pick a response before continuing" feedback instead.

Does anyone have any suggestions for how to make this work, other than recreating the interactions on a non-quiz slide and creating different slides for each piece of feedback instead of using the built in quiz feedback?


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Emily Eagle

Thanks! I took a look at your example and realized that the only difference between mine and yours was that mine was applying the triggers to a group of objects layered to look like a single element, instead of just a single object. Once I ungrouped those elements and applied it to a single object it worked! Thanks so much for taking the time to put the example together.