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John Morley


The same thing is happening to me. But I am not able to provide a video to you because of a more frustrating problem: Autocorrect working only intermittently. For example, I have set up:

cen to autocorrect into centrifuge

www to autocorrect into Westfalia

The "cen" works only now and then, with no clear pattern for when it works or not (certainly not where trying to take the video you requested). The www never works. Is there some restriction of which I am not aware, such as three-character items not being acceptable or the trigger and result required to have a similar number of characters?

This has been a lingering problem for me through several versions of Storyline.

Ren Gomez

Hi John,

I'm sorry to hear you're experiencing the same issue! We do have a bug reported where Storyline is moving the cursor to the middle of the text when autocorrect is applied

Thanks for bringing this up, as well as the additional issues you're experiencing. 

We're still monitoring the impact of this bug, so I appreciate you letting us know that it's affecting your projects. We'll be sure to pop in here when we have any updates to share.

Leslie McKerchie

Thanks for the details, John. I set up the two items you shared above and the 'cen' for centrifuge works every time for me, but 'www' is a valid dictionary entry, which is why it's not expanding for you.

I've not seen anyone use the dictionary to expand text like this before. Are these common items that you use across programs? I personally like Text Expander for this function, but I'm pretty sure there are many options out there. In addition, if you're a Mac user, the Keyboard shortcuts work great as well.

Let me know if you run into another issue that you're able to capture and we'd be happy to take another look and get this tracked for you. As Ren mentioned, we are still looking at the cursor issue, which I did experience when using 'cen' for this test.

Ren Gomez

Hi John and Allan,

Good news! We fixed the issue where when autocorrect is applied, Storyline jumps the cursor to the middle of the text instead of to the end of the word. It now jumps to the end of the word.

Here's how to install the latest Storyline 360 update to see all the recent enhancements and fixes.

If the problem reappears, please connect with our team, or share a screen recording here, and we'll be happy to help!