AutoCorrect: Where are the values stored?

Jan 17, 2015


I am using Storyline 1 and I was wondering if there was a way to access the list of words that are used in AutoCorrect. I have a long list of terms that I'd like to search for and then optionally replace. 

Must each pair of terms be entered one-by-one? I hope not.

I've seen publishing software that allows you to load a list of search and replace terms in the form of a text file, and then run a search of all the terms at once. When a term is found, you can decide to either replace or continue the search.

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Paul Moraga

It looks like what I'm looking for isn't available in Storyline (yet! #SuggestionsforStoryline3), but I think I found a workaround.

Export text to Word and use PerfectIt:  

This tool has an incredible list of capabilities: Management of abbreviations, capitalization, house style, hyphens/dashes, punctuation, spelling, typos and numbers and table/figure numbering. I'm really looking forward to using this tool...I am an unabashed grammar/style nerd. I get excited at the thought of automating editing duties!

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