Automated tools to objectively test online courses for 508 compliance?

Oct 05, 2020

Hi all, 

Does anyone know if there are tools out there specifically designed to perform automated testing of online courses (e.g., SCORM output) for 508 compliance?

I don't mean using JAWS and other screen readers, or Chrome extensions to simulate vision issues. Those tools still involve a human to analyze and pass judgement, which can introduce the potential for human error because in our world, they are used by a person who might not be the course author or someone else on the team who has taken on the responsibility for testing courses for 508, but might not be a 508 expert.

In the web development world, there are automated tools that go through each element of a website and determine whether there are any accessibility issues. Such tools might provide a more objective analysis than people who are not 508 consultants might achieve in testing their own courses or testing the courses of their peers.

I'm not sure that such a tool exists, but thought I'd ask. I'm looking for responses ASAP, since my department is working on budgeting for next year, and such tools, if they exist, are a complete unknown to us.

Thank you in advance,


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Lisa,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing what tool you would like to have available.

I know you mentioned not wanting a browser extension, but Deque has one that may be of interest to you and provides some of the automation you mentioned:

axe - The Standard in Accessibility Testing

I'm curious as to what others are using as well, so I'll be following along.

Susan Lord

Lisa, We are currently using Andi.  But this tool also has to have a human to evaluate the findings.  I also have a colleague going through trusted tester training so that we can have a trusted tester onsite.   So, I am hoping to learn more from him.

I am currently struggling because the course output is failing 508 compliancy.   The contents pass, but the storyline GUI fails.  I am trying to figure out how to add the appropriate tags to the GUI post production, but have had no luck. 

@Leslie, is Storyline working to become fully compliant so that it can pass through gov't Trusted Testing?    If you know of any work being done to update the software so that the interface is 508 compliant, that would be helpful. I don't want our agency to have to move to a different development product, as I love storyline.  We are currently using Storyline 3.

Lisa Spirko

Hi Leslie,

No, I was asking about third-party tools (hence my question about tools "out there") that people might be using to test their online course output for compliance. It would be nice if Articulate had such a tool, but I'm already aware that one does not exist in Articulate's suite of tools.



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