Automatic export of data from Storyline content

Nov 12, 2018

Hi all, we are wanting a participant to put a piece of information onto their module when completing it that will automatically export.

For example. Participant types onto their module an outlet they work for. This information is then exported at the close of the module and preferably emailed to an inbox or collected in some way.

Is this possible or something along these lines?

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Michael Anderson

There are a few ways to accomplish this. Using your LMS would be the easiest option, as Veronica pointed out. If you absolutely need this to go through email, you can used a 3rd party form-to-email site behind the scenes to submit the informatoin for you via email. You also might be able to save the information to a Google Sheet, or even save it into a database if you have something like PHP running on a web site that you manage.

Adam Bloomfield

Hi Michael,

Thank you also for your reply, you've made some very interesting comments around other opportunities to get the information. As I'm not super techy I'm going down the line of using the correct 'text field quiz question' to have our LMS pick up the information for us, but I will certainly ask around to explore some of your ideas here. Thank you


Veronica Budnikas

Hi Adam,

Hmm, your LMS should be able to pick up either. The only thing I'm not sure of is in the case that you have both a survey question AND a graded question in the same file, how the LMS handles that. 

In these cases, though, I always say: test it! Try each of the options and publish it to your LMS to see what kind of info it spits out (or send to your friendly LMS admin to check it for you :) )

Best of luck! 

Adam Bloomfield

Hi Veronica,

When publishing under the 'Output Options' in 'Reporting and Tracking Options' should there be an option here to track what has been input into the 'Text Field Quiz' by the participant. I have options such as 'Completed/Incomplete' etc. Or is this something I organise in the LMS itself?

I've attached a screenshot for reference.


Veronica Budnikas

Hey Adam,

What you'll need to add to your course is a Results Slide. This slide will track any quiz questions you have in the course (you can decide which ones you want tracked if not all). Then, in that screenshot you shared, under the Tracking tab you'll be able to select the Results Slide as the tracking mechanism, and that should collect the info from the question via your LMS.

This may help: 

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