Automatic screen recording adjustment when recording?

Mar 09, 2014


I am trying to do some screen recordings using SL. My recording window is set to the same size as the slide. I adjusted the browser to fit in this fixed aspect ratio 4:3 so all the content can be visible. Not everything first so the browser resolution is super slow, which means not good crisp visible content.

2 Things are not happening:

1- As I am clicking on the website that I am recording, the recording window doesn't move where the mouse is. Since I have never done screen recordings using this, is this normal?

2- Keep in mind; I have not adjusted the browser size, but the site pages I am navigating to, don't fit in the screen recording window. How can this be managed? Is there a setting?  I moved the window while recording and it really doesn't look pretty once previewed.

Any help will be so appreciated. Already spent 3 hrs on this, of course not charging the client because I didn't know or maybe do not know the full capabilities or lack of capabilities of this screen recording feature of SL. 


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