Automatic slide numbering - How to change slide numbering?

Apr 23, 2020

I created a small sample project to test inserting the automatic slide numbering, and ran into a problem. I added a few slides, then added a few more, then I changed how the content would flow and moved them around.


So now the menu in the player shows this:

1.1 Welcome (Should be slide 1)

1.4 Thanks (Should be slide 2)

1.3 Nope (Should be slide 3)

1.2 End (Should be slide 4)


When I add in the automatic slide numbering on the master slide, this is how the numbering shows on the content slides:

1.1 Welcome   (1 / 4)   Correct

1.4 Thanks   (4 / 4)    Should be (2 / 4)

1.3 Nope    (3 / 4)       Correct

1.2 End      (2 / 4)       Should be (4 / 4)


Is there any way to change the auto generated decimal numbers for each slide? The auto numbering only seems to follow the decimal number of the slide. If you add slides, or move slides in a new order, now the slide numbers display incorrectly. Am I missing something? How can I correct this?

Thank you 


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