Automatically advance to next slide after text entry

Jul 10, 2012

I would like to know how to set up a text entry field that automatically advances to the next slide in the scene as soon as a specific word or words are typed into the field by the user. I've been experimenting with triggers and variables but just can't seem to figure it out. It would be ideal if the user did not have to click a button or click away from the field to advance to the next slide.

Thanks for any suggestions!

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Mike Enders


I think the challenge with your desire is that there has to be some indicator for Storyline that says "I'm done typing my response".  This is provided by the click away, or a submit button, etc.  

I can see where you're going and it would be cool to have that type of instant jump when the word is entered.  May make for a cool feature request!


Dan H

@Mike - Thanks for the reply. I will likely submit a feature request if I can't get it to work the way I'm hoping.

@Bill - Thanks for the link. To clarify... my intent is to create simulations of filling out form fields within a software program. On each slide I have a single instruction telling the user what action to take next.  I would like the avoid pressing the Enter key because that is not how the form actually functions. I could use the Tab key, but in most cases I am not covering every field in the form.

For example, consider the following form: 


  • My instructions: "Type John into the First Name field."
  • As soon as the word John is correctly typed, I would like it to advance to slide 2.


  • My instructions: "Type Doe into the Last Name field."
  • As soon as the word Doe is correctly typed, I would like it to advance to slide 3.


  • My instructions: "Type in the E-mail field."
  • As soon as the email is correctly typed, I would like it to advance to slide 4.


  • My instructions: "Type These are my comments in the Comments field and then click the Submit button."

I hope that makes more sense. I appreciate your input!


Karen Pizur


Great idea. Can you walk me through how to set this up? Or tell me if I am close?

1. I create a control-data entry box on the slide, which automatically creates a Text Entry trigger.

2. I already have the Previous and next slide triggers.

3. I rename the Text Entry to Username.

4. I change the Next slide trigger to: Jump to slide, next slide, when: user presses a key, Key=S, object = Text Entry, conditions???

The problem is I get to the point I enter the username with the 's' in it and it goes no where!

thank you for helping...Karen Pizur


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