Automatically Advancing Slides

Feb 12, 2020

What is the thinking around automatically advancing slides in a course?  

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Blue Kearsley

Hi Rob,

Personally, I prefer not to auto-advance. This allows for greater learner autonomy, and ensures the learner interacts with the content itself. That said, I guess there may be some instances this would be ok. For example, when a video ends, and directs straight to the next slide. Or perhaps wanting to reset results, and temporarily 'leaving' the slide to accomplish this. But otherwise, in my opinion, I would allow the user to advance.

I hope others wade in on this too, and you're able to gather a number of different viewpoints.

Walt Hamilton

I suspect that part of the thinking behind it was to allow you to import a Ppt presentation that is set up that way, and keep as much of the original as possible.

While Blue is right about learner control being really helpful for learning, remember that a lot of presentations are created with no pretense of learning. For example, compliance training, government work, mandated presentations, etc. All that is required is that a certain amount of time be spent, and that the viewer not be able to skip any material.

Of course, when you stop to think about, any video is set up the same way: auto-advance from frame to frame, from shot to shot, from scene to scene.

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