Automatically Decide and Disabling the Next button

I have a screen with 7 trigger to access 7 other screens and return to the main screen to select another until all are selected. I set a trigger to disable the Next button until all 7 triggers have been selected and their states changed to "Selected."  I created a trigger to return the Next button to normal once all the triggers have changed state to "selected." When I click on the last one (7th one) I can see the Next button activate before it moves me to the next screen but when I return the screen has reset using the "Automatically Decide" or the "Resume saved state" and the next button disappears. How can I make this work?

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Brian Dennis

Removing the default trigger associated with the Next button that advances the slide should solve the mysterious move. Regarding the triggers, I'd suggest you research variables and bind your triggers accordingly. Project variables span slides, so they don't get confused by slide state selections can w/Automatically Decide or Resume.