Automatically display layers via timed triggers?

Hey guys

I was curious if there is a way to cycle through layers on a timed interval.

So I have one slide that I want to stay on the screen, and the various layers to automatically cycle through and then repeat.

I feel I'm close w/ the triggers and selecting timeline start and end and moving them within the timeline but it doesn't seem to do it.  While I can advance to one layer, it never goes to layer 3, 4, 5 etc.

Any tips? thanks!

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Jeanette Brooks

Hi AJ! I think you can do this:

  • Create a trigger on the base layer & subsequent layers to "show layer [x] when timeline ends."
  • On the final layer, create a trigger to hide the layer, and another trigger that jumps to the same slide.
  • On the base layer, click the little gear icon next to the layer name to open the slide properties. For "When revisiting," choose "Reset to initial state."

Attached is a file with 3 layers, each of which is 2 seconds long. I think this is the effect that you're after? Hope that helps!

AJ LaSaracina


Thanks for the file that is indeed what I'm attempting to do, but I'm trying to make it a text box and a shape that appear in place of one another.

Would states be a better way to do this?  I copied your triggers to my presentation and it doesn't display the objects.

Think of what i'm trying to do like a computer screen with different text that cycles through.  The rest of the slide stays the same, but the context changes inside the monitor.

Thanks for the response!

Jeanette Brooks

Hi AJ, I made a few tweaks - see attached. Here what I did:

  • I noticed the base layer of your slide was really long, something like 16 or 17 seconds... so maybe you just didn't let it play all the way out in order to see the triggers work? 16 seconds is a long time to wait when you're testing whether or not a layer will appear. I shortened up the base layer and each of the other layers to just 3 seconds.
  • On the layer properties of each layer, I unchecked the box to "Hide other slide layers." That way each layer appears to stack on top of the previous layer, one after the other.

Is this closer to what you had in mind?

AJ LaSaracina

That's amazing, I guess what I keep screwing up is specifying what object gets replaced so this was great to see.

I have successfully modified the layers and added new ones so I think I have it down pat now

Last question is when I select an animation for the transmissions it's always the fly from the left.  I selected animation on the top, then hit Apply to All, but it doesn't seem to do anything.  How do I change the layer animations to NOT fly from the left? thanks.

Jeanette Brooks

Hey AJ, for the transitions on the layers, you should be able to select a layer, go up to the Animations tab, and choose a transition:

Regarding your other question about the video, I'm having a hard time picturing where and how you inserted it and how it could be affecting the layer's behavior. Maybe you could create a quick screencast with Screenr to show the issue you're experiencing? 

David Oswald

Hi there

I'm struggling with the same initial issue. I can get the layers to rotate one after the other but after 1 full rotation and then returning the the base layer I can't get it to cycle again. I've set the Properties for the Base Layer to reset to the original state but it doesn't seem to work. 

I'm attaching the story file if that helps - apologies for the rough design - it's a work in progress.

Any help is gratefully appreciated.