Automatically Show a Tab in the Sidebar

Hi all!

So in my e-learning module, I have a sidebar with both the Menu and the Notes enabled and showing.  The Menu is highest in the list, so this is shown by default with the user having to open the Notes field separately.

This works well for the majority of slides, but for a selection, I want the Notes to show automatically.  Can this be done?


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Dennis Hall

Hi Ryan:

Settings made in the player are global. The only thing you can do to display Notes by default is to go into the slide properties (lower left corner of SL) and change the Player features from Player defaults to Custom for the selected slides.

Making custom player settings for all selected slides will allow you to turn off the menu - forcing Notes to display by default.

With this solution, however, you loose your menu tab for the selected slides.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall